Witches1612 in the county of Lancashire, England, nine women and two men were tried for alleged “witchcraft”. Ten were found guilty and executed by hanging. Today, 400 years later, accusations of witchcraft persist across the globe and lead to wide-spread violations of human rights.
Pastor – Exodus 22:"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”. Many Christian pastors in Nigeria and around the world believe that children can be “witches” and seek to deliver them from this perceived evil.
TwinsOnce accused of witchcraft, children may be cast out onto the street by their parents. Here such children are particularly vulnerable to human traffickers and often suffer gross violations of their rights.
IndiaWitch-hunts, most especially against women, are common in many parts of India and Nepal. Many women are tortured and killed after being falsely accused of witchcraft.
AlbinoIn some parts of East Africa people with albinism are persecuted, killed and dismembered due to the belief that using their body parts in rituals will bring prosperity to the user.

Welcome to WHRIN

“Witch-hunting is like an infectious disease and is slowly spreading to newer areas. Solutions will have to be found to eradicate this evil practice” – Neeva Konwar, National Commission for Women, India.
The Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) is a response to the wide-spread violations of human rights that take place around the world due to the beliefs in witchcraft and spirit possession. Our work enables greater understanding and awareness of these complex issues so that solutions can be developed to prevent further violations of human rights from taking place.

WHRIN provides a comprehensive, free, on-line information resource, bespoke training and consultancy services and opportunities for networking with other like-minded people. We advocate for change and showcase positive interventions being carried out by communities around the world.

We value and encourage your participation in this network. Together, through sharing our knowledge, ideas and inspiration, WHRIN believes that we can help create a world where all people may live freely without fear of their rights being abused due to the belief in witchcraft or spirit possession. We look forward to working with you to make this happen.

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