Coalition Against Witchcraft Stigmatization of Children in Africa

Currently the coalition has members from civil society and human rights organisations, christian organisations, missionaries, academics, the media and from the general public. As a coalition of African and International organisations we have put our hands together to address this issue in our African societies. Website can be found here . If you want to join our coalition please email:


The Southern Sector Youth & Women’s Empowerment Network

The Southern Sector Youth & Women’s Empowerment Network  advocates for the rights of women and youth to be respected and upheld and to economically empower women and youth in poor marginalised communities so that they can improve their lives. Their witch camp integration project advocates to stop the beliefs and superstitions of people in northern Ghana who infringe upon the rights of some women by accusing them of being witches and subsequently lynching them or banishing them in “witches” camps. The project  ensures that the rights of such women are guaranteed and protected by traditional and local authorities.

Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children (PAORP-VWC)

PAORP-VWC is a Non-Governmental Human Rights and Development Organisation created on the 05/02/2008. The organisation research, organise, support, expand and strengthen the activities of Human Rights Organisations, women and youth groups to work to achieve Human Rights of the minority population through the emancipation and empowerment of women and youths within their communities. They work to challenge all forms of violence against women, especially witchcraft allegations on vulnerable women and currently run projects in Zabzugu Tatale district in the Northern Region of Ghana, where they are raising awareness of the plight of women pervasively accused of witchcraft. See website here.


downloadAfriKids is a child rights organisation working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty. Since 2005 AfriKids Ghana has been developing large child rights programmes to address the fundamental challenges facing children in northern Ghana, and have worked to challenge the spirit child phenomenon. The Kassena Nankana Area Programme improves the child rights environment of Kassena Nankana East and West to the extent that all children’s basic rights are met. The programme addresses children’s rights, with a particular focus on abuse related to traditional beliefs, at all levels of society from individual support and family capacity building to school’s capacity building and advocacy influencing local mind-sets and policy making. The programme has resulted in the eradication of the spirit child related infanticide in the project’s operational areas by 2009 through intensive awareness raising to change local mind-sets. It has also resulted in the direct rescue and resettlement with families of over 50 children affected by the spirit child phenomenon and/or severe health and disability issues. See website here.

The Ghana Association of Persons Living with Albinism (GAPA)

GAPA was established on 2nd February, 2003. The objective of the organisation is to demystify or break the myths and misconceptions of persons with albinism in Ghana and to sensitize and create awareness about the challenges facing them. See website here.

Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation

Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation is a non-profit organisation that work to improve conditions and quality of life for elderly, disabled and disadvantaged groups in Ghana. They work to spread awareness of the issues that face the elderly in particular those accused of witchcraft and abandoned in the witch camps. See website here.

Anti-Witchcraft Allegations Campaign Coalition Ghana

The Anti-Witchcraft Allegation Campaign Coalition (AWACC) is made-up of women groups/associations, local NGOs, youth groups, individuals and state agencies.  The coalition aims to promote efforts towards assisting women accused of witchcraft and those living in witches camps/homes in the Northern region of Ghana. Join their facebook group here or contact the co-ordinator – Kenneth K. Addae – at

South Africa

South African Pagans Rights Alliance (SAPRA)

sapralogo-2SAPRA was formed in 2004 as a faith-based (Pagan) human rights activist alliance. They are currently advocating against witch-hunts locally promoting under the banner of Touchstone Advocacy in order to distinguish advocacy against human rights abuses committed as a result of accusations of witchcraft, from the advocacy of religious freedom and equality for Pagans and other religious minorities in South Africa. For more information please visit the webpage here.





Asante Mariamu

Asante Mariamu is a non-profit, grassroots organisation dedicated to  increase awareness about the immediate and long-term mortal threats to people living with albinism in East Africa. They work with many others to highlight a deadly black market where witch doctors promote the belief that body parts from people with albinism can bring wealth and luck.  Website can be found here.

The Albino Charity Organization

 The Albino Charity Organization work to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. They pursue this mission by providing and maintaining healthy environment that will give rise to full development of a united and healthy community, and implementing different programs that will enhance life and cultural enrichment to the albino communities in Tanzania. See website here.

Under the Same Sun

Under the Same Sun provides persons with albinism with the resources that will help them  to increase their    quality of life, gain increased independence and take their rightful place in their own culture and society. Their APA project deals with public education on albinism, disseminating information on health and offering truths about albinism to diffuse existing myths that often lead to discrimination and stigma used by witchdoctors and their clients to justify the macabre killings of PWA. See website here.

Southern Africa’s Children

Southern Africa’s Children is a charity working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Africa. They have been working in Tanzania since 2002. One of their key projects in Southern Africa are the “Ukerewe Albino Society” which supports a community of Albino’s on the african Island of Ukerewe to promote the integration of albino people into their society.

Standing Voice

Standing VoiceStanding Voice promotes the social inclusion and well-being of people with albinism in Tanzania, in collaboration with Tanzanian and international partner organisations. They coordinate educational community outreach to tackle ignorance and myths about albinism, run skills development and training projects to confront social marginalisation, conduct innovative research to inform meaningful action and assist Tanzanian advocates with albinism to expand and strengthen the impact of their work. See their website here



Across-Outreach supports children that are abused because of witchcraft-accusations in Malawi, East-Africa. They provide funding and support to three children’s shelters to allow children to live a life free from violence. Please click here to see website





The Albino Foundation

The Albino Foundation is committed to addressing the plight of People with Albinism (PWA) and to change negative mindsets and socio-cultural stereotypes about albinism in Nigeria and the world.  They create awareness of the social challenges that PWA face in Nigeria and the world and work with governments and development institutions in programme areas that improve the health and social well-being of PWA in Nigeria and assist and empower them to find their rightful place in the society. See website here.


Empower and Care Organisation (EACO)

EACO is a registered non profit Community Charity Organisation  operating in Mukono district, Central Uganda. It was founded in 2004 and registered in 2006 and been in operation since then. EACO aims to reduce poverty and HIV/AIDS through economic empowerment, educational opportunities and support for disadvantaged groups. Their activities are targeted toward vulnerable women, especially widows vulnerable children, youth, and the elderly, and they have worked to spread awareness of child Sacrifice in Uganda. They have recently published a report alongside Humane Africa on Child sacrifice and mutilation. See website here.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) 

KCM aim to give vulnerable children physical, emotional and spiritual springboards which will enable them to live lives that are full, productive and positive. Kyampisi Childcare Ministries in partnership with Jubilee Campaign UK, has launched a campaign against child sacrifice in Uganda. Click here to sign the petition. See KCM website here.

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