Ghana: ‘Child Witches’ in Ghana

The west African nation of Ghana is rather widely known for its ‘witch camps’, where mainly old women who are accused of occult crimes and subsequently banished from their communities. They seek refuge in these ‘camps’ to avoid being killed by their family and community members. But in the village of Sang, off Tamale-Yendi Road, in the northern region of Ghana there is a care center for vulnerable children. Full story here 

Malawi: Malawi frees all witches from jail

Liviness Elifala and her friend Margaret Jackson, of Lodzanyama Village, Traditional Authority Ntema in Lilongwe, have not been home for the last three years. The two have been in prison and returned home three weeks ago following the latest presidential prisoner parole. Read more here 

Zimbabwe: Chavunduka would have punished all “witches” in Zimbabwe

Professor Gordon Chavunduka, the late president of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association, who was laid to rest at his farm Wednesday, in his lifetime fought hard to get the Witchcraft Suppression Act amended. Read full story here

Fiji: Youths questioned for alleged witchcraft

Two youths are in Police custody for their alleged involvement in witchcraft. More here 

India: Woman Branded as Witch Beaten to Death

A 55-year-old tribal woman was beaten to death by her in-laws after they branded her a witch in Rajasthan’s Banswara district. More here

Nigeria: Witchcraft Murder: Court Refuses Application on Autopsy, Video Recording

Full story here 

The Modern Magic in Africa’s Witchcraft Industry

Witchcraft beliefs are often seen as rooted in tradition, but, according to Sipke Shaughnessey modern dynamics of new media, globalisation and marketisation are just as important. See here

USA: Man Allegedly Killed Grandma With Fake Elephant Tusk Because Of “Voodoo Sh*t”

A Harlem man has reportedly confessed to killing his grandmother with a fake elephant tusk because she was planning some “voodoo shit” on him. Read more here 

Sweden – Police: Parents tortured ‘witch’ child

Two Swedish parents allegedly tortured a 9-year-old girl, convinced she was a witch, prosecutors said. Full story here

Nigeria: Man murdered by siblings for witchcraft, sorcery

A middle aged man,Vincent Igwe of Enyikpe Ulayi community in Ado local government area of Benue State has been allegedly murdered by his siblings for his alleged involvement in witchcraft and sorcery. Full report here