Meet the Team

Gary Foxcroft – Founder/Executive Director 

Gary is an award-winning human rights advocate with a wide range of skills and expertise that complement the vision and mission of WHRIN. Through his work in Nigeria with the charity that he co-founded – Stepping Stones Nigeria – Gary has developed a keen interest and expertise in the field of witchcraft accusations against children. This has led to him being widely consulted on this subject by UN agencies, academics, media organisations and a number of civil society groups around the world.

A particular career highlight to date involved Gary supporting a group of Nigerian children, who had been accused of witchcraft, to successfully lobby the State Government for the enactment of the Child Rights Act and the criminalisation of the act of branding such children as witches.

After researching and presenting a paper to UNHCR in 2009, Gary became more aware of the global dimension of the belief in witchcraft and the subsequent wide-spread violations of human rights that is taking place due to the belief. Moved by the scale of the problem and the overwhelming need for more information on the often complex issues behind these violations of human rights Gary made the decision to establish the new social enterprise, WHRIN.

Supporting Victims of Witchcraft Abuse and Street Children in Nigeria– Paper presented at AFRUCA Conference, London 2007,
Suffereth Not a Witch to Live: Discourse on Child Witch hunting in Nigeria – Published 2010 by Ayomide Publications in Ibadan, Nigeria (Co-editor)
Witchcraft Accusations: A Protection Concern for UNHCR and the Wider Humanitarian Community? Paper Presented to UNHCR, Geneva, 6th April 2009
Witchcraft Stigmatisation and Children’s Rights in Nigeria – Report prepared for the 54th Session of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Geneva, May 2010