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August 2013 – Exploring the Role of Nollywood in the Muti Murders of Persons with Albinism – A Report to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Right for the 24thSession of the Human Rights Council on the Attacks and Discrimination Against People With Albinism (PWA). See full report  here

March 2014 –  21st Century Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution – Report into the global scale of witchcraft accusations and persecution, muti killings and human sacrifice. Presented by WHRIN at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council. See full report here

April 2014 – Hunting Witches – Journal Article by Gary Foxcroft, Executive Director of WHRIN, published in the World Policy Journal. See here 

April 2014 – 2014 Country Report: Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution of Women in Nepal – Joint report with Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and Forum for Protection of People’s Rights (PPR Nepal). Launched at National Women’s Commission in Kathmandu, Nepal. See full report here

September 2014 – Violence Against People with Albinism: Urgent Solutions Needed – By Gary Foxcroft, see full report here

March 2016 – Public Health and Beliefs in Witchcraft – Paper presented at UN Human Rights Council Side Event. See paper here

Media Coverage of WHRIN’s Work 

March 2013 – Call for Further Action to Prevent Abuses of Human Rights Due to the Belief in Witchcraft

June 2013 – Witchcraft Plea

Aug 2013 – The Great Witch Stitch Up

November 2013 – Take Action: Social Media Campaign Against Witch-hunting in Nigeria

March 2014 – Urgent Action Needed to Fight “Witch-hunt”

April 2014 – Call to ban ‘witch hunter’ Helen Ukpabio who poses risk to children

September 2014 – Helen Ukpabio sues UK rights groups for £500 million

October 2015 – Phenomenal” growth of churches in UK linked to child witchcraft accusations

December 2015 – Toil and Trouble  (The Economist)

March 2016 –  NGOs decry violation of Albinos rights







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