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Sorcery and death squads. Transformations of state, sovereignty, and violence in postcolonial Mozambique. (2009)

Mozambique norm and standard has been reported to support “summary executions by police” and “police killings” in all major cities in Mozambique. Bertelsen explains the correlation between state and violence, with accompanying human rights violations that are currently taking place within Mozambique. 

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21st Century Witchcraft Accusations

Being accused of witchcraft, black magic or other forms of evil, can result in serious violations of human rights including, at the most extreme, torture and death. This happens all around the world. Women, children, the disabled and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to these forms of abuse.

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Public Health and Beliefs in Witchcraft: Preventing Human Rights Violations of Persons with Albinism

Public Health and Beliefs in Witchcraft

Violence Against People with Albinism: Urgent Solutions Needed

UNOHHR Albinism Expert Meeting Paper

Ritual Killings Linked to Recent Spate of Kidnappings of Children in Cross River State, Nigeria

Press Release – Ritual Killings Cross River State

“Phenomenal” growth of churches in UK linked to child witchcraft accusations

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NGOs decry violation of Albinos rights

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Witches’ wealth: witchcraft, confession, and Christianity in Auhelawa, Papua New Guinea, 2010

Many anthropologists claim that so-called modern witchcraft is often only a reflection of traditional cultural observations. In Auhelawa (Milne Bay province, Papua New Guinea), perspectives are changing. Christianity has reshaped the cultural conception of personhood, space, and time, detaching witchcraft from the ethos of kinship. In this context, Western wealth symbolizes witchcraft as a moral failing.

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Witchcraft and Witchcraft Cleansing among the Vasava Bhils

Witchcraft among the Vasava Bhils of South Gujarat, in the western part of India. Witchcraft is currently practiced in Vasava Bhils. There are no institutional controls by means of law and order for resolving conflicts created through witchcraft as a means of social control.

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Anthropological and Historical Approaches to Witchcraft: Potential for a New Collaboration?

Witchcraft was studied in the 1960s through a comparative approach that covered different continents and periods of time. The topic was again widely discussed by anthropologists and sociologists in the 1990s, with an emphasis on global, and interdisciplinary perspectives to better understand witchcraft.

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