Academic Papers: Jinns and Demons

Exploring the use of JuJu practices within Nigerian Culture, Article available as link

Exploring the use of Juju in Nigerian Cultures

An academic piece written by Anthony Dunkerley

Jinns in Islam – The Supernatural and the Unseen

Many cultures, peoples and religions have beliefs and encounters with some sort of extra-terrestrial beings, whether they are referred to as ghosts,aliensspirits or demons. Within the Arab culture these extra-terrestrial forms have the title of ‘Jinn’. Jinn’s are believed to have superhuman powers and the ability to possess human beings.

Aicha Zaa looks at the culture and beliefs behind Jinns in Islam, of superstition and spirits within the Arab culture and how it plays such a huge part of everyday life.

Read more here

Hunting Witches – World Policy Journal Article by WHRIN

Article by Gary Foxcroft, Executive Director, WHRIN. Read full article here 

Who Are the Jinn?

The jinn (sometimes spelled djinn) are spiritual beings according to Islamic mythology. Even the Holy Quran mentions them. We in the West know them as genies. Far from being like the funny cartoon character in Disney’s Aladdin, the jinn are considered to be creations of God along with angels and humans. So who exactly are the jinn? Read more here.

UK: Possession, Jinns and Britain’s Backstreet Exorcists

UK health and social workers and those in the criminal justice system are increasingly having to understand belief in spiritual possession among ethnic minorities, with new research highlighting a particular issue with some sections of the British Asian community blaming mental health problems on the supernatural. See full report here

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