Kenya: Witchcraft scene, story created to suit mindset

Dar es Salaam. I read in dismay a story about 37 Mbeya residents, who were arraigned recently for burying alive an 80 year-old man, Alison Mwaikasu, allegedly for bewitching his son Juma Mwaikasu, 46, from Mishewe Village.

But doctors from Ifisi Hospital, where the son was admitted, said the latter had died of stroke. A few months ago, another old man was buried alive over witchcraft allegations in Mbeya Region. He, too, was believed to have bewitched a relative, who died on the same day. Read more here 

India: Inclusion of witch-hunting under laws on domestic violence and sexual harassment favoured

Contrary to popular belief, widows and single women are not the only ones vulnerable to witch hunting. In fact, witch-hunting appeared to be a prevalent form of violence used to target middle aged women fully ensconced in their marital homes, according to a study. Read more here 

Zambia: 60 year old man accused of practising witchcraft shot dead

A SUSPECTED wizard has been shot dead by unknown people in Muchinga Province’s Nakonde District. Read more here.

Kenya: Police officer resorts to witchcraft after ‘losing gun to stranger’

KENYA: A senior police officer in Nyandarua County has lost his gun in unclear circumstances. The officer from Kipipiri Police Station lost the gun from his house after allegedly hosting a guest overnight. Read more here.

Africa: Ritual Killings: security officers make a remarkable catch

The Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakari says suspects of the ritual killings of young girls aged 17 to 22 last year in Bafoussam and Mimboman in Yaounde have been arrested and detained at the Yaounde Central Prison. Read more here.

Zimbabwe: Kadoma Witch demands human flesh at a funeral

An elderly woman from Kadoma was humiliated at her relative’s funeral after being accused of practicing witchcraft. Read more here.

Ghana: Witchcraft Hunting, a Lucrative Business

Witchcraft, Superstition or Reality is gradually becoming a scourge and a business. There are no efforts by government and society to control and restrain the activities of some self-styled traditional priestesses who claim they can detect and exorcize witches and wizards from society. Read more here.

Africa: For Accused Witches, A Last Resort

When Leo Igwe was a child living in Nigeria, he saw his father beaten after being accused of witchcraft. Accusations of witch craft run rampant in many parts of western Africa, and Igwe has made it his life’s work to bring attention to the problem. Read more here.

Nigeria: Man Confesses To Killing Daughter For Ritual

A 2o-year-old man, Polycarp Tagan, in Bokkos local government area of Plateau State has confessed to killing his four-month-old daughter for money-making rituals. Read more here.

Africa: Forced witchcraft confessions: Woes of women

Witchcraft, superstition or reality? It is gradually becoming a scourge and a business. Read more here.

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