Uganda:Man Hits Father to Death Over Witchcraft

A 25 -year- old man in Zimbabwe this week killed his father after accusing him of engaging in acts of witchcraft causing death in their family. Read more here.

Uganda: Preacher Abandons Witchcraft Tainted Church

The preacher of St. John the Baptist Kyengera Church of Uganda has abandoned his church because of the witchcraft in the church. Read more here.

Zambia: There is too much witchcraft in Zambian politics

Leader of an opposition party – ZDDM Edwin Sakala has alleged that there is “too much witchcraft” in Zambian politics. Read more here.

Nigeria: Man, 30, kills mom over alleged witchcraft

A  30-year-old man in Chugiri in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State has confessed that he killed his mother because she was allegedly responsible for his misfortune. Read more here.

Zimbabwe: Zanu PF officials in ritual storm

Kadoma — Two Zanu PF aspiring council candidates who allegedly thought that the spilling of blood of two innocent girls would help them win in the harmonised elections are in trouble after being arrested by police. Read more here.


High Court judge Justice Joseph Musakwa said he could not hear the merits of the bail appeal seeking release for Maria Moyo (30) and Chipo Chijaka (26) from Gokwe Nembudzia, as the application by the two’s legal representatives Tawanda Takaindisa was improper. Read more here.

South Africa: Family refuses to bury mutilated child

The family of the fourteen year old girl who was killed in a suspected ritual killing allegedly by her mother and an accomplice said they they were not going to bury the remains until all the missing parts are found. Read more here.

Zimbabwe: Man Kills Dad Accusing Him of Witchcraft

Masvingo — A 79-year-old Bikita man allegedly died after his son reportedly pummelled him with a log several times on the head after being accused of possessing a goblin that was causing mysterious deaths in the family.Philimon Kanhiwayi of Zema Village in Mazungunye communal lands was allegedly hit with a log by his son, Moses Chisakaregwa (25) on Tuesday night until bled from the nose and mouth. Read more here.

Zimbabwe: ‘Crash-landing’ witches arrested

TWO suspected witches have been arrested after  they were found naked  outside a house in Harare’s Budiriro suburb early  Wednesday. Read more here.

Africa: ‘Witch-Gun’ and superstition in Guinea and Sierra Leone

Belief in ‘witch-gun’ is common among the peoples of Guinea and Sierra Leone. It is not clear how they came about this superstitious notion. But the belief is deep rooted. In fact there are as many conceptions of witch- gun as there are believers. One figure whose notion of a ‘witch gun’ stands out is the National President of Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union, ‘Dr’. Alhaji Suliaman Kabba. He said “The earliest and deadliest type of witch gun is made out of the husk from rice, but today’s witch guns are made out of gun powder while others are made out of lead. In fact the type of witch gun bullet that is most frequently removed when people are shot is the lead.” Read more here.

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