Africa: Witchcraft and mental health in Chad

​A recent report by the BBC reveals a threatening dimension of witchcraft belief in Chad. This time, people are not banishing alleged witches to camps as in Ghana, or driving ‘child witches’ to the streets as in Angola, Nigeria or in Congo DRC. Read more here.

Nigeria: Battered, stripped and disgraced: Is this woman truly a witch?

STEPHEN GBADAMOSI reports the ordeal of a woman branded witch by members of a community and how she was subjected to inhuman treatment. Read more here.

Briefing Paper European Parliament: Directorate-General For External Policies of the Union Directorate – Child Witchcraft Allegations and Human Rights

Despite the recording of child witchcraft allegations all over the world as human rights violations, the issue has received relatively little attention within human rights discourse from international organizations, academia or civil society. Child witchcraft accusations are a relatively recent phenomenon that is not among the traditional practices of the countries affected. The reasons why children have become the specific focus of child witchcraft accusations remain partially unclear. A number of general common features can help explain its emergence, including profound societal transformations, religious changes, the collapse of traditional institutions and social problems suffered by both children and adults. To address the phenomenon’s complexity, it is necessary to carefully investigate each specific local context in which the allegations occur and to consider the consequences of the practice by the affected children. To read full report here

Ghana: ‘Juju’ hits Ekumfi

Information reaching Daily Guide on Monday indicates that fear and panic has gripped the people of Ekumfi Abor in the Ekumfi District of the Central Region following the discovery of ‘Juju’ at the junction of the town. Read more here.

Kenya: Police arrest man suspected of killing elderly persons over witchcraft

Kilifi,Kenya: Kilifi police are holding a man they claim is the killer behind ten deaths since 2004 in Ganze District. Read more here.

Nigeria: Man plucks 8-yr-old boy’s eyes to make disappearing juju

THE police in Plateau State have arrested a 21-year-old man who slaughtered an eight-year-old boy and removed his eyes for ritual purposes. Read more here.

Rwanda: Police Should Intervene in the Rwamagana Witchcraft Allegations

THE pending banishment of a 60-year-old Thereza Bankundiye and her family over allegations of witchcraft is a barbaric act that should not be happening in this day and age. Residents of Kigabiro Sector, Rwamagana District have accused ageing Bankundiye of being a witch who has cast deadly spells that have caused deaths and sickness in the area. Read more here

WHRIN Report to UN: Exploring the Role of Nollywood in the Muti Murders of Persons with Albinism


A Report to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Right for the 24th Session of the Human Rights Council on the Attacks and Discrimination Against People With Albinism (PWA). See full report  here

Ghana: Witch-hunt Victims Empowerment Project

See here for more details

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