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Ghana: ‘Ghana Witches’

This National Geographic video invites the viewer to travel to Gnani, a village in northern Ghana and home to a group of women accused of practicing black magic. Banished from their homes and shunned by their families, these former witches must live out the rest of their days in exile.

Watch the video here

Kenya: The truth about witchcraft at the coast

Why are old people at the coast feared to be witches?

Is there any truth behind the allegations?

KTN explores a number of contributing factors in this short clip

Watch clip here

Story of the Devil Iblis and the Jinn

In Islam, the Devil is known as ʾIblīs  or Shayṭān . According to the Quran, God created Iblis out of “smokeless fire or from the pure flame of fire” (along with all of the other jinn) and created man out of clay. The primary characteristic of the Devil, is that he has the power to cast evil suggestions into the heart of men, women, and jinn,

Iblis was proud and arrogant and considered himself superior to Adam, since Adam was made from clay and Iblis from smokeless fire. For this act of disobedience, God cursed him to Hell for eternity, but gave him respite until the Day of Judgment (Qiyāmah), after Iblis requested it. Iblis obtained permission from God and vowed that he would use this time to lead all human men and women astray to Hell as a way of revenge against them. By refusing to obey God’s order he was thrown out of Paradise and thereafter he was called “Shaytan”.

Watch video here 

Democratic Republic of the Congo: ‘Witch Child’

A documentary featuring Dr Richard Hoskins. He traces the roots of child abuse stemming from so called ‘Christian’ beliefs beginning in the Congo which have spread to the UK.

Watch the documentary here

USA: What are the jinn?

A video intended to raise awareness about the existence of the Jinn.

Watch the video here

USA: Inside the world of modern day magicians, witches and evangelical Christians

In a fascinating interview, Stanford University psychological anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann, describes meeting modern day “witches”, taking a “magic” course, experiencing bizarre (non-drug-induced) hallucinations and generally “hanging out in the magical world”. 

Watch the interview here

Controversial ‘witch hunter’ Helen Ukpabio comes to London

Channel 4 coverage of Ukpabio’s visit to London and WHRIN’s call for her to be deported. See here 

Radio Australia: More police one answer to sorcery killings in PNG

Listen to report here 

A Very British Witchcraft (Full): Documentary on Gerald Gardner & Wicca

The extraordinary story of Britain’s fastest-growing religious group – the modern pagan witchcraft of Wicca. View here.

Haiti: Traditional voodoo ceremony in Haiti

Thousands of Haitian pilgrims gathered at the sacred Saut d’Eau waterfall for a traditional ceremony to wash away their sins and to pray for a better future. Read more here.

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