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Woman Sees Human Sacrifice

As the only known survivor-intended-victim of a modern day human sacrificial ceremony, Jenny Hill is living proof that ritual abuse is, in fact, a reality. Read more here.

Uganda: Child Sacrifice

Considering the violence experienced by ten-year-old Alan Ssemwanga, his survival is “miraculous”. Whilst searching for fruit in the forest, he was attacked by two men – beaten, castrated and left to die. Watch the documentary here.

Al-Jazeera – Women accused of witchcraft in Nepal tortured

Women accused of witchcraft in Nepal are often tortured and beaten by their own community. Human rights activists have been trying to stop the persecution but they say current legislation is too weak and is not helping. It is thought that about four women are abused every month, having their heads shaved and being beaten and bound. Al Jazeera’s Subina Shrestha reports from Kailali. See here 

Tanzania: ‘We are killed, we are hunted’: Albino activist fights witchcraft murders

In recent years, there’s been an increase in the deaths of albinos in Tanzania. At the heart of the problem, are rumors that albinos’ body parts can bring wealth and good luck. Josephat Torner has been spreading awareness about albinism in Tanzania. His efforts have been captured in the documentary “In the Shadow of the Sun”. See here.

Kenya: Horrific – 3 people brutally beaten and burnt to death over alleged witchcraft (VIEWER DISCRETION)

With the anniversary of the barbaric killing of four young students of the University of Port Harcourt by the Aluu Community recently observed, another video of mob justice has surfaced online but this time from the Kissi Town located in the South West of Kenya. See here.  (WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised, some viewers may find this footage upsetting)

Democratic Republic of the Congo: DRC’s “Child Witches”

The DRC have had their share of dangers: the country’s civil war has killed millions of people, left a nation traumatized and families struggling in poverty. But in recent years DRC’s children are facing a new threat – being cast out of their own homes and forced to undergo dangerous rituals – all in the name of superstition. The following is a short documentary looking in to this issue. See here

Child witches of Kinshasa

Between 20 000 and 50 000 children live in the streets of Kinshasa. Organized in gangs, they get by, sometimes thanks to theft or prostitution. According to Médecins du Monde, more than a third of them were chased away from their home in the pretext that they were child-witches and responsible of all the troubles of the family (death, unemployment, disease, etc.). The immense majority of the people living in Kinshasa are persuaded by the truthfulness of this curse. More than one hundred new “child-witches” are so discovered every month and thrown out in the streets. The following show powerful photographs of these children captured by Gwenn Dubourthoumieu. See here.

Islamic Exorcism of Jinn (Demon) Possession

Short video exploring the Islamic exorcism of Jinn possession. See here.

India: Witch hunting in Chhattisgarh

In this India Matters episode, Sutapa Deb uncovers the practice of witch hunting in India. With numerous cases of witch hunting-related killing reported in the state, they explore the root of these elements. See here.

Witchcraft In The Congo: A Victim’s Tale

Short documentary looking into the belief of witchcraft in Congo. See here.

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