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Ghana: Ghanaians ban ritual killing of disabled ‘spirit children’

Local leaders in northern Ghana have announced the abolition of the ritual killing of babies born with physical disabilities, who were believed to have been possessed by evil spirits. Chiefs in the Upper East Region held a special ceremony to announce the banning of the practice, in which “spirit children” were given a poisonous drink to kill them. See here.

Uganda: Stop Child Sacrifice

A one minute promo against the practice of Child Sacrifice in Uganda. See here.

Africa Investigates – The spell of the albino

Tanzanian journalist Richard Mgamba, albino community representative, Isaack Timothy, and Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas set out to discover what lies behind the attacks against albinos. See here.

Tanzania: Witch Doctors and Albinos

BBC news documentary on the plight of those living with albinism in Tanzania. See here

Benin: Birth of Voodo

National Geographic documentary looking at the belief in voodo in Benin and following the ‘birth’ of a new spirit medium. See here

Witches of Ghana

National Geographic documentary on ‘witches’ in Ghana. See here.

Nigeria: Our stories

Radio by children accused of being witches. Click here

Chhattisgarh’s ‘witches’: maimed for life

When I think of that day, it still sends kind of shivers down my spine,” Teerath says. Then her tears silence her for a long moment. She bows her head and wipes her face with the end of her grimy sari. It all happened ten years ago, but it’s clear that the memory is still a visceral pain.

Radio show disccusing the victims of accusations of witchcraft. See here.

Papua New Guinea: Witch burning, torture and sorcery in Papua New Guinea

Report by Tim Elliott on witch burning, torture and sorcery in Papua New Guinea. See here.

India: Awareness campaign against witchcraft at jamgaon

Short video showing a campaign against witchcraft in Jamgaon. See here. 

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