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India: public meeting against witchcraft at jamgaon

Video of a public meeting held in Jamgaon against witchcraft. See here. 

Children of the Congo: from War to Witches

This 67 minute film documents the plight of thousands of street children living in Kinshasa and confirms the wide-spread accusations of child witchcraft, torture and child prostitution. The film also examines the efforts to reintegrate demobilized child soldiers, displaced refugees, and orphaned children following the eruption of the massive Nyiragongo volcano, near the city of Goma in Eastern Congo. See here.

Unreported World : Central African Republic: Witches on Trial

Channel 4 documentary looking into witchcraft in the Central African Republic, where nearly half the prison populations are convicted witches. See here.


Child witches in Nigeria

Documentary exploring child witches in Nigeria. See here.

Witch child

Documentary for the BBC exploring the influence of Christianity on native African religions, in particular the corruption of Kindoki and exorcism. See here.

Accusations of witchcraft and penis snatching in African countries

Radio  interview conducted by Anna Maria Tremonti with Louisa Lombard and other experts looking into ‘KORO’ – penis snatching in West Africa. See here.  

Children accused of witchcraft

Short documentary discussing  children who have been accused of witchcraft and their subsequent torture and abuse. See here.

Benin: Magic and Murder

People and Power investigates sorcery-related infanticide in the African Republic Benin. See documentary here. 


India: A curse in the family

In remote parts of India, illness, a poor harvest or just plain bad luck can sometimes mean only one thing: a curse in the family. Sumitra Padmanabhan, the chairman of SRAI,  explains the development of a typical witch-hunt in this short documentary. See more here.

Romania: Witch reveals heart of Roma

Two years ago, Romanian photojournalist Mugur Varzariu set out to capture all facets of today’s Romania, from its active witch culture to the ugly Roma ethnic conflict. Raising awareness through the cross hairs of his camera, he has dedicated himself to projecting a country that transcends its Transylvanian image, and to documenting the different challenges of the Roma. Read more here. 

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