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Kenya: Suspected ‘witch’ arrested in Mishomoroni

A suspected witchdoctor has been arrested in Kisauni’s Mishomoroni area with residents claiming that the suspect and his counterpart who has gone into hiding have been involved in suspicious activities. The locals now want action taken against the suspect whom they claim has been involved in the disappearance of many children in the area. See TV coverage here 

Jinns: I want to catch a Jinn

Short lecture by Sheikh Mumtaz Ul Haq here

(Film) Jinns – Multiple Jinn Possessions

A Documentary on Islamic Exorcism in the UK – see here

Uganda: Child Sacrifice Report: Ritual murders claim a child each week

NTV coverage of problem here 


In this lecture Abu Muhammad talks about the main causes of being affected by the jinn and what are the Islamic Shari’ah ways of removing Magic, Evil eye, etc. At the end of the lecture there is a short video showing real life Exorcism. Click here 


This is a short audio video explaining the subtleties that can occur during jinn possession. More here

Juju rituals, sexual slavery in UK

Young women and girls are being lured from their home countries with offers of work and trafficked into Britain, only to be forced into prostitution. Authorities have uncovered a trend where West African ‘juju’ witchcraft is used to manipulate them into submission. VoR takes an in-depth look at the issue. Full radio coverage here

Diaries Of An Exorcist (Episode 1)

Film discussing case Studies of people affected by Jinns & Black Magic. See here 

Kenya: Kajiado witchcraft drama

Family members of the Isinya ward Councillor Joshua Kintei Olowasa say they woke up to find para-phenalia associated with witchcraft and a note warning the Councillor to drop his bid for the newly created Kajiado East seat. See footage here

Magic and Murder

Al-Jazeera investigation into sorcery-related infanticide in the African republic of Benin. See film here 

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