Government Reports: Human Sacrifice

Nepal: CEDAW 4th and 5th combined periodic reports

Nepal has submitted its Initial Report in 1997 and Second and Third Combined Report in 2003. This Fourth and Fifth Combined Periodic Report covers the period up to 2008. During this period Nepal has made significant progress in the sphere of protection to, promotion and fulfillment of the rights emanated from the CEDAW. Nepal has ratified Optional Protocol to the CEDAW. It has incorporated many significant provisions in the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2007 and enacted many valuable legislations such as the Domestic Violence (Crime and Punishment) Act, the Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act, National Women Commission Act, the Citizenship Act, An Act to Amend some Nepalese Acts to Maintain Gender Equalities, An Act to Amend some Nepalese Acts relating to the Court Management and Administration of Justice and 11th Amendment of the Country Code. Accordingly many rules are framed and plans, action plans and programmes are being implemented. To read full report click here

Nigeria: Prevalence of ritual murder and human sacrifice; police and state response (2009-2012)

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada publication. Read report here 

Uganda: Rapid Assessment on child sacrifice in Uganda

The rapid assessment was commissioned to document the nature and magnitude of the practice in Uganda and to review existing responses by different actors to inform the process of developing a National Action Plan. The study also attempted to examine the relationship between child trafficking and the practice of child sacrifice and explored other related risk factors. Among several conclusions, this research argues that although sacrifice is a common phenomenon within African indigenous religions and cultural practices and constitutes an important part of worship, prayers and thanksgiving, there was consensus that child and/or human sacrifice is a new phenomenon which is not necessarily linked to indigenous/traditional religious worship and cultural practice. See full report here.

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