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Ghana: Witches camp national tragedy — First Lady

…According to the First Lady, Mrs Lordina Mahama, who visited the Gambaga Witches Camp last week, the practice should be discouraged, describing it ‘as a national tragedy.’

While expressing her discontent about the violation of the rights of the women who have been accused of witchcraft, she said it was wrong for individuals to blame and abandon their mothers and grandmothers for allegedly being the cause of their adversities in life and banish them to a life of neglect.

She said individuals needed to take responsibility for their failures and actions instead of blaming and casting away their mothers and grandmothers.

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Nigeria: Bird Turns to Old Woman in Lagos

Residents of Ajegunle area of Lagos were, yesterday, thrown into shock, after a bird was said to have transformed into an old woman who confessed to being a witch.

Policemen from Layeni Police Division were said to have been contacted to prevent the woman from being lynched and they came and took her away.

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Nepal: Woman thrashed on charge of practising witchcraft in Rautahat

A 40-year-old woman from Patharabudhram VDC in Rautahat was thrashed black and blue by locals of another village today on the charge of practising black magic. Family members of Ram Aashish Ray Yadav had beaten Hari Krishna Prasad Jayaswal’s wife Renu Devi.

Renu has received cuts and bruises on her head, chest, and other body parts. She is undergoing treatment at Rautahat District Hospital, police said. The victim said some members from Yadav’s family had attacked her when she was alone at her home accusing her of influencing Ram Aashish’s 10-year-old granddaughter with black magic. 

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South Africa: Suffer the little children

The discovery of the mutilated body of a young boy in the bush in KwaDabeka has sent shock waves through the community and caused panic to many parents fearing for the safety of their children.

The shocking fact about this murder is that this poor 13-year-old was decapitated, an arm amputated and his eyes and internal organs removed.

There are whispers that this was a muti killing. There are reports that a container of blood was found nearby.

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USA: Satan Worshiper Gets Life in Prison for Killing and Skinning His Mother on Day Calling for ‘Human Sacrifice’

A man who strangled his mother and then dismembered her body when he was 18 years old has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The murder by Moises Meraz-Espinoza was described as one of the ‘most disgusting, hideous and vulgar’ cases the judge had ever seen.

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Swaziland: 4 Pupils Leave School Over Witchcraft Claims

A strong belief in witchcraft at Vusweni near Mbabane has seen four pupils being stopped from attending school after their father was accused of allegedly bewitching the head teacher…

The parent, who has been accused of witchcraft, has been allegedly abused, insulted and threatened with death during a parents meeting. He said residents have also threatened to burn down his homestead.

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Pakistan: Pakistan’s sorcerers continue to thrive despite Sharia law

Sorcerers use a number of traditional practices, including writing verses of the Koran on paper and folding them into various patterns to be worn around the neck as a talisman. Other methods include reciting the Koran and then blowing onto water or rosewater which a follower then drinks…

However, not everyone approves. Mufti Tehsinullah of Islamabad’s radical Red Mosque said that while the practice of black magic was officially recognised in the Hadith — Islamic texts relating to the life of the Prophet Muhammad — it was wrong to exploit it.

“Practising black magic and making it a business is against Sharia and the fake practitioners have in many cases abused young girls who go to them for help in getting proposals,” he claimed.

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USA: Brockton slay victim withdrew restraining order against husband two days before death

Sylvia Saint Louis knew about the beatings her daughter, Florence, endured during her 15-year marriage to Jean Michel Beaulieu.

She also knew about voodoo curses that she claims Beaulieu cast upon her 37-year-old daughter, a mother of four who was found dead in her Forest Avenue apartment on Friday.

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Gambia: 30 Soldiers Arrested over Juju Coup Plot

According to reliable reports, at least 3 dozens personnel’s of the Gambia National Army, including Junior and Senior officers, were arrested yesterday, Sunday, 19 May 2014 on suspicion of a Juju coup plot to overthrow the government of the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh.

Their arrest came after the Gambian authorities claimed to have found Gambian National Identity card and a birth certificate with a red spiritual “Juju” tied to the back wheel of President Jammeh’s Air Gambia, 727 Boeing Aeroplane, stationed at the Yundum International Airport.

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Pakistan: Fake Pir, accomplices allegedly rape teen in Kasur

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by fake Pir and his accomplices in Noorpur area within the limits of Saddar police station, Geo News reported on Monday.

Police said the parents of the victim took her to the Pir namely Baba Hamid for treatment of the illness. The accused said the girl possess Jinn and asked them to leave their daughter for its removal.

Later, the fake Pir and his accomplices allegedly raped the teen.

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