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Nigeria: Prevalence of ritual murder and human sacrifice; police and state response (2009-2012)

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada publication. Read report here 

Attacks on Persons living with albinism in Africa

Persons living with albinism have been kidnapped, mutilated and killed by fellow citizens for the purpose of witchcraft related rituals. The following documents reported attacks  on persons living with albinism in Africa. See here: PWA Attacks in Africa


The pressure of modern living has created a huge demand for magic charms to procure luck, money and success, leading inevitably to a surge in the numbers of ‘muti-hunters’ seeking their chief ingredient, albino body parts. The following report looks at the practice of muti killings of albinos. See here Albino Muti Murders


Under the Same Sun – Report on recent attacks on persons living with albinism

The following report, documents four separate incidents of brutal attacks on persons with albinism that occurred in Tanzania between January 31st and February 15th 2013. see here Under the Same Sun Report on albino attacks

What is albinism – Under the Same Sun

This report by Under the Same Sun explains what albinism is, and discusses some of the key challenges faced by persons living with albinism. See here: What is Albinism – UTSS

Under the Same Sun – “Albino” vs “Person with Albinism (PWA)

Statement by Under the Same Sun; an NGO which advocates for the dignity and protection of persons with albinism, clarifying and explaining their preference of the term “person with albinism” over “albino”. see here:Official Position of Under the Same Sun

Congo: Witchcraft in the Congo

A compilation of articles and blogs written by world vision on the issue of witchcraft in Congo. See here.

Ghana: Witch Camp Report

Report discussing the plight of women accused of witchcraft and highlighting the necessity of education in combating these accusations.  Witch Camp Report 2011

Protect or Prosecute? Conjuring up Solutions to Witchcraft Accusations

Article written by the Human Rights Advocacy Centre. See here.

Witchcraft accusations: A protection concern for UNHCR and the Wider Humanitarian Community?

The following paper takes a broad look at the belief in witchcraft around the world, identifies key groups that are at risk of witchcraft accusations, outlines where witchcraft accusations may be most likely to occur, analyses the factors that lead to these becoming a protection concern and finally makes a number of recommendations for policy makers and practitioners working on this issue. See here

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