Through our in house team of experts, WHRIN is able to provide a number of bespoke consultancy services to help organisations and individuals better understand beliefs in witchcraft and how to prevent them leading to abuses of human rights. WHRIN offers a unique consultancy that can be easily tailored to meet your organisational needs. Some of the specific areas in which we are able to provide such services include:

• Asylum and Refugees
• Trafficking and Juju
• Jinns and Demon Possession
• Child Protection and Faith Communities
• Social Work and Safeguarding Victims of Witchcraft Accusations
• Mental Health and Disability

Examples of the kinds of consultancy services that WHRIN can provide include:

• Providing Expert Witness Statements to Support Clients Legal Cases
• Drafting Child Safeguarding Policies to Protect Children from accusations of Witchcraft and Spirit Possession
• Providing Early Initial Assessment for Suspected Victims of Trafficking and Juju Rituals
• Supporting Immigration Solicitors to Help Them Better Understand Complex Cases

For brief enquiries and those from small charities, WHRIN will make every effort to provide consultancy services on a pro-bono basis.

Please contact us for more information about your specific needs and how WHRIN may be best placed to meet them.

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