Mary Devey – The killing of Adam: A victim of Human Sacrifice

This story is about Adam and about the many African children who fall prey to sacrifices and ritual abuse everyday. It is the story that tells you child ritual abuse flourishes right before our eyes and that authorities as far as Mozambique and Kenya, while desperate to contain its lethal effects, still lack the ability and know-how to contain its cancerous growth formations within the human populace. The trade is strong, the criminals are astute and the law has yet to pay heed to its extinction. For Adam, the story of his life was cut short brutally at a very young age, the very tender age when children are supposed to enjoy their childhood and when he should have been properly cared for by people he looked to for support and love. He is one of the few the media uses to tell the story, his story, and the reason why we should say no to child ritual abuse.  Buy the book here.

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