USA & Kenya: Documentary Film WARX2

Strasson Group presents WARX2: The Unseen Battleground Features Interviews with Kogelo Witch Doctor, John Dimo; and Kenyan Pastor, Thomas Muthee, the documentary film about the war of ghosts and spirits, and the untold truths about US military suicides, that will open in theaters in early 2014.

The new documentary film, WARX2 (war times 2), will enlighten viewers about the possibility of spiritual warfare that may be causing US soldiers to commit suicides. Many Arab and African cultures use ghosts and spirits to attack, control and brainwash their enemies and other people. Shockingly high US military and veteran suicide rates have been reported. In 2011 and 2012 there were more suicide deaths among active duty US soldiers than total US military combat deaths. Read more here

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