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Understanding Abuse Linked to Belief in Witchcraft, Juju and Spirit Possession:

A Professional Development and Reflective Learning Course for Frontline Practitioners

WHRIN Course Brochure here.

The course aims to help frontline safeguarding workers, and those working in wider services, become better equipped to understand and respond well to situations where abuse linked to beliefs in witchcraft, juju or spirit possession is anticipated or occurs. With greater understanding will come reduced anxiety about carrying out safeguarding roles in the context of different belief systems. This in turn will improve the quality of assessments and interventions; and ultimately lead to greater protection, access to justice and enjoyment of their wider human rights for those who may be at risk or have suffered abuse due to the beliefs in witchcraft, juju or spirit possession.

Course Overview

WHRIN believes that this course is the most comprehensive learning resource available today. It has been carefully designed to enable, empower and support frontline practitioners working closely with groups that have suffered or are vulnerable to suffering abuses of their rights due to beliefs in witchcraft, juju and spirit possession. With its focus on specific kinds of abuse with particular characteristics, it seeks to help practitioners to be more effective within the real professional, organisational and financial contexts in which they work.

Using a variety of learning tools, participants will:

  • Explore the different belief systems behind these forms of human rights abuses.
  • Examine the role that different faiths may play in promoting beliefs in witchcraft, juju and spirit possession.
  • Work to identify strategies to promote better safeguarding and positive interventions in cases where there are concerns due to the influence of beliefs in witchcraft, juju and spirit possession.
  • Reflect on how their own personal perspectives and beliefs may affect their approach when responding to allegations relating to these types of abuse.
The course acknowledges that all participants bring with them a significant degree of expertise to each session and that building networks of mutual support amongst practitioners aids the process of continuing professional development. In order to facilitate this all participants are provided with free access to an online forum where they can share their ideas and experiences with other like-minded professionals. For those wishing to develop their skills and learning further, Virtual Action Learning is also offered as part of the course. A wide range of additional learning materials will be available freely or at reduced rates at each session for those wishing to expand their knowledge even further. For more information please download our  WHRIN Course Brochure here.

Alternatively please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to make a booking via email.

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