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Spirit Child

Al-Jazeera investigation into the ritual killing of disabled Ghanaian children deemed to be possessed by evil spirits. See footage here 

Papua New Guinea: Government Moves to Stamp Out Sorcery

Papua New Guinea’s Government is trying to stop violence brought on by a deep belief in sorcery and witchcraft.  The fear of sorcery and witchcraft is deeply rooted in Papua New Guinean society.  Every year, hundreds of people, many of them women, are murdered as witches and sorcerers.  Now, the Government has agreed to try to find a way to stop this disturbing practice. See full coverage here

How Prophets Overcome Witchcraft Opposition With Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

American pastor Jonas Clark talking about prophetic ministry, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare and dealing with and overcoming the powers of witchcraft. See full video here

Lecture on Solutions for Jinn Possession

Presented by DR.Zakir Naik 8th Mujahid State Conference at Kozhikkod. See here 

Real Life Jinn Stories Video

Lecture by Abu Ibraheem Husnayn at Witton Islamic Centre. See here 

Exposing the Truth About Demons (Jinn)

Very interesting series about the Islamic mythology Jinn – see here 

Burundi: African albinos killed for body organs (2009)

Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndge meets albinos who live in hiding in fear of being murdered because of their condition. See film here

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